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2019/9/1 21:47:08

Design and Synthesis of New Fiber-forming Polymers

Chemistry and Physics in Fibers and Textiles

High Performance Fibers and Composites

Application of nanotechnology in fibers and polymers

Smart Fibers, Textiles and Wearable Intelligent Devices

Environmentally Friendly Fibers and Polymers

Biomedical Fibers and Polymers (Regenerative Medicine, Drug Relief, Cancer Therapy, etc.)

Fibers and polymers for energy (solar cells, lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, etc.)

Fibers and Polymers for Environmental Use (Pollution Control, Water, Air, Soil, etc.)

Fibers and Polymers for Information Technology

Fibers and Polymers for Optics and Photonics

Natural Fibers and Biomimetic Polymers

Multi-functional and Multi-component Fibers

Carbon nanotube fibers, graphene fibers and other emerging fibers

Low-dimensional materials based on fibers

Other fiber-related materials and devices

Polymer Science and Engineering Education

Development of Fiber Industry

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