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Benjamin S. Hsiao

Stony Brook University

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Benjamin S. Hsiao

Dr. Benjamin S. Hsiao is a Distinguished Professor in Chemistry at Stony Brook University. He received his B.S. degree from National Taiwan University in 1980, Ph.D. from University of Connecticut, and post-doctorate training at University of Massachusetts. He joined DuPont Company as a staff scientist and spent 8 years in R&D before coming to Stony Brook University. He served as Chair of Chemistry Department and Vice President for Research at Stony Brook University. Currently, Hsiao is a Founding Co-Director of Innovative Global Energy Solutions Center, aiming to prototype ‘sustainability for off-grid communities of tomorrow’, using the Turkana Basin Institute in northern Kenya as a living laboratory. He is also the Founding Director of Center for Advanced Technology in Integrated Electric Energy Systems, with the mission to enhance the development and integration of advanced technologies for the nexus of food, energy and water.

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