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Sun Yat-sen University

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Professor Ming Qiu Zhang has systematic experience in polymers, polymer blends and polymer composites, with particular interests in their structure-property-processing relationships, characterization techniques, and applications as functional materials. Prof. Zhang has published 1 monograph, 16 book chapters, and more than 400 publications in refereed scientific journals and books on the general topics including mechanical properties of polymers and reinforced polymer composites, nanoparticles surface modification and nanaparticles/polymer composites, bio-composites from renewable resources, interfacial structure in composite materials, macromolecular physics, electrical conductive performance of polymer composites, friction and wear of polymers and composites, and self-healing polymeric materials. He also holds 67 patents. Prof. Zhang is on the editorial board of 9 scientific journals including Composites Science & Technology (Elsevier, Editor), and Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica (Chin. Soc. Compos., Editor). In 1997, he received the prestigious Fellowship from the Natural Science Foundation of China for the Outstanding Young Scientists and in 2005, he was selected as a Cheung Kong Scholar by Li Ka Shing Foundation and the Ministry of Education of China.

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